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ML40-HB: High barrier shrink bags

ML40-HB bags are 50 micron multilayer high barrier shrink bags specially designed using innovative proprietary technology to suit applications that require long shelf life and/or maturation. Their patented structure uses a unique combination of gas and moisture barrier with superior strength, high clarity and excellent sealability to run on various vacuum packing systems.

ML40-HB bags are available clear.

Features and benefits:

  • Excellent overlap and sealability
  • High barrier
  • Clarity and Gloss
  • High Strength
  • Cost reduction
  • Environmentally friendly

Secondary Seal (SSL) option

ML40-HB bags can be supplied with special secondary seal (SSL) properties making them ideal for fresh meat applications where aim is to retain blood and juices within the product whilst, in this way, improving eating quality of meat and minimizing unsightly blood, that has appeared over storage or maturation periods.

For full details, please download our ML40 brochure below or contact your local Krehalon representative.


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