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PVDC High Barrier Plastic Casings

Product Availability & Specifications

Krehalon PVDC casings are available in two types – ED for standard high barrier applications and EDG for exceptional high barrier applications. Both are available with or without meat adhesion coating ‘L‘.

PVDC casing is available in thicknesses of 40, 50 and 60 micron and widths from 30 mm to 220 mm. It can be supplied in clear and several gloss or matt colours, converted into cut and clipped pieces or shirred sticks. Clipped casings can be supplied in various lengths, with or without a loop.

PVDC casings can be printed in one or two sides in up to 6-colour flexographic print, depending upon width. Krehalon PVDC casing is also available in ‘ring’ enabling the production of banana- shaped, semi-ring or full-ring sausages.

Please contact your local representative for further information.

Krehalon PVDC casings are monolayer shrinkable casings extruded using polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) resin, the highest barrier single layer plastic casing on the market. Krehalon PVDC casings therefore offer exceptional barrier properties against moisture loss, oxygen penetration and UV light discolouration.

Features and benefits:

  • Extremely high barrier:  PVDC casings offer excellent barrier controlling microbiological spoilage by limiting penetration from oxygen, controlling dehydration from moisture loss and minimizing discolouration due to UV light action.
  • Sterilization possibility:  PVDC casings are used in extended shelf life applications and sausage retort cooking processes to offer exceptional shelf life benefits for non-refrigerated, sterilized products. Cooking up to 121˚C with counter pressure is possible.
  • Excellent meat adhesion:  Krehalon PVDC casings can be supplied with a special “L” meat adhesion coating which helps to prevent fat and jelly separation and still gives easy peeling.
  • Effective shrink properties:  During cooking Krehalon PVDC casings shrink following the product creating a tight wrinkle-free appearance and consumer eye-appeal.
  • Good machinability:  Krehalon PVDC casings can be used on all types of filling and clipping equipment available today.
  • Extensive range: Krehalon PVDC casings are available in an extraordinary number of types, colours, sizes to give choice for all users.

Please check product availability and specifications below or contact your local representative for further information.


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